Address: 579 King St, Newtown
Phone: 02 9557 9437

My paternal grand-mother’s parents were from Russia, yet I don’t have many (if any) Russian desserts in my repertoire. Luckily, charming Newtown pastry shop Izba has initiated me to traditional Russian treats baked in-house. From pirozhki to kartoshka, these authentic recipes remind us why they’ve become classics. No need for innovative techniques and avant-garde flavour pairings. The babushkas knew best. The signature dish of this pastry shop is the Izba cake. Izba translates to wooden cottage, which the pastry attempts to recreate with its triangular shape. Izba is a gathering place where families are surrounded by the aroma of baked goods. I got tempted by the layered honey cake. The tangy sour cream and the sweet honey play well off each other. This dessert was one of Empress Elizabeth’s favourite delicacies. I brought home a chocolate Napoleon for my roomie Elina, which was good, but the honey cake is definitely the star.

What I ordered:
Honey Cake
Chocolate Napoleon (take-away)

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