The Pie Tin





The Pie Tin
Address: 1a Brown St, Newtown
Phone: 0295197880

The Pie Tin is an artisan bakery & café in artsy & alternative Newtown that serves up both sweet and savoury pies. While my friends Alice and Janka ordered savoury options since it was technically a lunch date, I opted for a sweet slice (to nobody’s surprise). The café has a nice atmosphere, with a communal table in the centre of the room and brick walls. The Pie Tin offers a wide and eclectic range of homemade pies with names like after dinner mint tart, snickers pie, pineapple and baked ricotta pie, and lemon brûlée tart. The variety of pie flavours on the menu changes every day. The pies are baked fresh all day in small batches, and the kitchen tries to keep with the seasons. I must go back to The Pie Tin and finally taste a famous Aussie savoury pie with a glass from the local brews on offer… or a milkshake? Too many choices! You can also pre-order a whole sweet pie if you have a special occasion coming up.

What I ordered:
Maple Soaked Strawberries & Belgian Chocolate Pie with a Side of Vanilla Ice Cream – The maple syrup really came through and paired so well with the fruit and chocolate. The ice cream was refreshing and cut through the intensity of the pie.

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